During our 4th participation at the 3D Print Show, TAG in 3D had the pleasure of meeting again with many of our partners (suppliers, testers, customers …).

The show was an opportunity to introduce our new carbon program, and to demonstrate user-friendly/easy to print technical 3D filaments.

Coming soon:

  • TECHLine 66 carbon,
  • PET hd Strong,
  • PET hd Carbon,
  • PP Carbon,
  • PEEK Carbon. This aerospace approved material is a development which we are currently working on. The carbon load makes it possible to stabilize the PEEK during printing.

These filaments are coated with our 3D Skin Protect technology to limit moisture absorption and protect printers from abrasion.

A range of fluoropolymers is also under development. These materials have exceptional technical characteristics and resistances in continuous temperatures above 180 °c.
We would like to thank those of you who visited our stand and for the quality of the exchanges we had.

We salute all our partners who have printed parts with our filaments. Thank you again for your participation:

  • Factory 3D : The 2m high rocket, the rim and King-Kong were printed with our NATURAL Pla
  • The 3D Farm : The team from the 3D Farm continuously test our filaments and we were pleased to be given museum parts printed with our metal range of filaments.
  • Fram 3D : Fram 3D is notably at the origin of the development of “Fil Acétate”. This material is hypoallergenic and widely accepted in the eyewear industry. After weeks of development, the Fram 3D team managed to successfully print several types of sunglasses.
  • 3Discovery: This team is part of our distributor partners and printed two CBR600R connectors with TECHArmed and UNIVERSAL Abs HI.
  • Ludeek: Ludeek also were at the show and presented the French printer Qualup, with which the printing of the PEEK has now become possible.
  • Proshop 3D: Exhibitor at the show, Proshop 3D distributor of the French printer DOOD present on our stand is also distributor of the TAGin3D filament range.
  • A3D The digital workshop: A partner of Corextrusion, the workshop prints all types of projects on a daily basis and, during the fair, printed a designer piston by their care and printed with the UNIVERSAL Abs HI filament.
  • Volumic 3D: Designed and manufactured in France (Nice) the printer Volumic was in operation on our stand, and used in our laboratory for final validation of our developments.